Backup Contacts ( save , export and restore ) App Reviews

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Easy to use.



Very cool

Really nice! Easy to use! You have to try it!


I loved this tool. I was always looking for an app like that to have my contacts secured.

save contacts 1.1

super easy und funktioniert!

Doesnt work

Says no Email is configured... Crap

Macht, was es soll

Funktioniert prima

Great app

Really useful, definitely recommend to anyone.

Fast and simple.

No iCloud or iTunes connection needed. vcf file is created and you email it to yourself. Easy to restore or create entire contact list or one by one. Developer was quick to respond to questions as well.

Worth a shot

Backup with the touch if 1 button? He//s yeah. And if I get the pro version for free? YEHAA!

This is great

I recommend this to everyone It is a must have app.

Excellent app

It would be a real pain to have to re-enter contacts. Its the data on you phone that is often the most valuable and hardest to replace. Any app that can easily backup and restore is worth the money. One button backup couldnt be easier. Thanks

the best

The best

Awesome app!

Unbelievably easy to back up and youre done!


Easy and cheap:)

Perfect application

It is good and very useful application. Everybody should download pro version. Perfect application. Thanks


easy and fast

Very nice.

This program is useful.


Best app for contact

The best app

Its great.i now can just send cotaktson email

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